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Beijing Third-party Physical Monitoring Services for Primary and Secondary School Students

所属分类:Medical care发布日期:2017-06-29

Purpose and significance

In order to comprehensively implement the Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Strengthening School Physical Education to Promote the All-round Development of Students’ Physical and Mental Health (Guo Ban Fa [2016] No. 27), do a good job of school physical education, improve students’ physical health, and complete the physical health monitoring system for students, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education plans to carry out physical health monitoring for about 40,000 primary and secondary school students in the city’s 16 districts according to the Notice of the Ministry of Education on the Issuance of ‘Student Physical Health Monitoring and Evaluation Methods’ and Other Three Documents. The following goals are expected to be achieved through the monitoring:

(1) To fully implement the National Physical Health Standards for Students, which should be the important starting point and key link to urge the districts and schools to strengthen school physical education. Establish and improve the student physical health monitoring and evaluation system, encourage students to actively participate in physical exercise, and guide the schools to deepen the reform of physical education. Urge the district governments, schools, and parents to care about students’ physical health.

(2) To strengthen physical health monitoring for students in the city. On the basis of each district government accurately reporting students’ physical health test results, build the big data of the students’ physical health condition. Through objective analysis and timely feedback, realize dynamic grasp of physical health status and changing trends of students in different districts, and thus provide bases for improving the individuality, effectiveness and scientific decision-making level of school physical education.

This monitoring project is one of the focuses of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education, with high organization level and strict requirements, and is a comprehensive monitoring and supervision on the efforts of primary and secondary schools in the city for improving physical health of students.

The top priority of the third-party evaluation is to ensure the authenticity of the test data. Students are the fundamental, and we will show our care, solicitude, and love in the services.

Unified working standards: Make the test just, fair, and open by using unified standards.

☆ Unified student ballot standards; unified training standards;

☆ Unified testing process standards; unified arbitration standards;

☆ Unified instrument distribution standards; unified instrument operation standards;

☆ Unified data statistics standards; unified analysis and evaluation standards.

Flexible test routes: Both centralized testing and scattered testing in schools are feasible. The three-in-one test mode of physical tests + body composition + physique performs well in evaluating students’ physical health.

In addition to the testing, questionnaire survey is used to make a more scientific understanding of the factors that affect students’ physical health. The third-party monitoring data can be reported directly to the Ministry of Education through software. Analyze the test data by using the principles of big data, and provide more scientific evaluation reports for educational institutions.

Provide a wealth of value-added services

1. Inquire and communicate on Wechat;

2. Sports risk assessment, exercise prescription and plan;

3. Develop personalized training program with the help of professional coaches.

In 2016, Beijing first adopted the mode of third-party services to carry out physical health monitoring for primary and secondary school students in the 16 districts. This monitoring involved a total of 16 districts and 263 schools. The company made a full preparation and plans for this monitoring, and provided an overall solution of physical monitoring. Before the testing, a questionnaire survey on physical education was made for students, class teachers and sports teachers. After the monitoring, the monitoring data was uploaded, and analysis and integration of the data were then carried out. After that, the overall data analysis reports were provided to the 16 districts.