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Associated research and development of orthopedic trauma treatment robot project

所属分类:Medical care发布日期:2017-06-29

To ensure that patients in remote areas can have accurate orthopedic surgery and get expert-level treatment. Tongfang Advanced Systems Development Co., Ltd. (ASDC) and several research institutions developed the “orthopedic trauma treatment robot”.

The orthopedic robot is a modularized remote diagnosis robot, and it’s also the world’s first high-integrated smart orthopedic surgery system. It can remotely assist the orthopedic surgeon in accurately completing reduction surgery, which has greatly improved the surgery accuracy, reduced the technical difficulty of surgery and realized the accurate and rapid reduction of orthopedic trauma.

  Relying on over 20 years of experience in medical imaging system and software R&D, Tongfang ASDC provided stable and reliable technical support for the “orthopedic trauma treatment robot” in medical image processing, analysis, transmission, and smart remote diagnosis and treatment system. It has ensured that patients in remote areas can have timely expert-level surgery and treatment without travelling too far, thus greatly reducing the patient's inconvenience and allocating the medical resources effectively. The “orthopedic trauma treatment robot” has realized smart and accurate medical treatment, filled the gap in China’s self-development high-tech smart medical equipment, and led China’s smart medical equipment into the world's leading ranks.